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Silvey® Pond & Deck ‘Harvester’ Round Grinder

From the outside, the Silvey Pond & Deck Round Grinder (P&D) looks very similar to the Silvey 510 grinder. However, the Pond & Deck Round Grinder is set up for sharpening the big pitch 3/4″ saw chains like Oregon’s #11BC and #11H which do not fit on a 510 grinder. The wide drive links are too thick to fit in the chain bar. Big pitch chains require a grinder with a larger mounting bar and grinding wheel.

Correct placement of stop pawl
and of wheel on a P&D Grinder

The P&D’s chain mounting bar has a .122″ groove in it and the grinding wheel is 5/16″ thick. The P&D also has a larger wheel dressing stone.

The P&D name comes from “Pond and Deck.” The big 3/4″ pitch chain, such as Oregon’s 11BC, was originally developed for use on big hydraulic “pond” saws that bucked logs on a mill deck. In the past, P&D grinders were used only in saw mills. But that has changed. Today, both this grinder and the big 3/4″ pitch chain it was designed for are used by owners of mechanized harvesters.

Use with Silvey® SG-516 Grinding Wheels

Pond & Deck Features

  • Reversible high torque sealed-bearing direct drive motor
  • Built in wheel wear compensation
  • 8″ Resinoid Bonded Wheel for performance and safety
  • Precision height and angle adjustments
  • Patented “faultless” Stop Pawls
  • .122″ Chain Bar for Harvester chain
  • Built in wheel dressing fixture
  • Flex mount work lamp
  • Optional Adjustable Tripod Stand available