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Silvey® Pond and Deck Parts List (P&D)

SN Serial Number Location   
1 Motor 1-PD
Motor with Lamp Assembly 2-PD
3 Motor Cord 3-PD
4 Arbor 4-PD
5 Arbor Flange 5-PD
6 Motor Mount Screw 6-PD
6B Motor Lock Washers 6B-PD
7 Switch 7-PD
8 Arbor Nut 8-PD
9 Gib 9-PD
10 Allen Screw 10-PD
11 Nylon Button 11-PD
12 Spring 12-PD
13 Extrusion End Plug 13-PD
15 Lamp Assembly 15-PD
16 Boot 16-PD
17 Spring (Long) 17-PD
18A Wheel Cover 18A-PD
19A Motor Mount & Wheel Guard 19A-PD
20 Wheel Height Adjustment Screw & Knob 20-PD
21 Upright Bar 21-PD
22 Upright Bar Mount & Pivot 22-PD
24P Stop Pawl Assembly 24P-PD
27 Hand Control Knob Option 27-PD
27B Bar Clamp Knob 27B-PD
28 Spring Anchor 28-PD
29 Spring Washer 29-PD
30 Lock Nut 30-PD
31P Dresser Wheel Assembly – (5/16) 31P-PD
34 Machine Base 34-PD
36P Bar Mount 36P-PD
38P Chain Bar 38P-PD
39P Tooth Length Adjustment Screw & Knob 39P-PD
40P Stop Mount Bracket 40P-PD
46 Cord Lock 46-PD
47P Bar Clamp Screw Mount 47P-PD
48P Tooth Length Adjustment Screw Mount Bolt 48P-PD
94 Wear Shim 94-PD
96 Bar Mount Stop & Jam Nut 96-PD
97 Spring Tension Clip 97-PD
98 Jam Nut 98-PD
99 Upright Bar Pivot Screw 99-PD
101 Nut 101-PD
103 Gib Adjustment Screw & Jam Nut 103-PD
104 Spring Anchor Bolt 104-PD
105 Allen Set Screw For Extrusion End Plug 105-PD
106 Washer 106-PD
107 Upright Bar Angle Bolt 107-PD
108 Nut 108-PD
109 Jam Nut 109-PD
110 Dresser Assembly Mounting Bolt 110-PD
111 Arbor Set Screw 111-PD
112 Wheel Cover Screw 112-PD
113 Stop Mount Bracket Bolt 113-PD
114 Grinding Wheel ** ( SG – 516 ) 114-PD
116 Bolt Tooth Length Adjustment Screw 116-PD
117 Chain Bar Assembly 117-PD
120 Washer 120-PD
121 Bar Clamp Screw 121-PD
123 Nylon Washer 123-PD
125 Bar Clamp Mounting Bolt 125-PD
128 Stop Pawl Fingers (Pairs Only) 128-PD
140 Bolt 140-PD
141 Spark Guard 141-PD
146 Motor Bearings (Front End – Shaft) 146-A
146 Motor Bearings (Back End) 146-B
   Motor Bearings (Front End – Shaft) 146-A
   Motor Bearings (Back End) 146-B
   Tripod Stand Complete (Optional) 300-RT