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Silvey® Hydraulic Tree Jacks

Model Hi Jacker
Single Unit
Tree Saver
Back Pack Pump w/Two Rams
Little Feller
Back Pack Pump w/Two Rams
Lift Capacity 45 tons 125 Tons 70 tons
Lift Height 4” 5 5/8" 4”
Cylinder Diameter 3” 4" 3”
Oil Capacity 3/4 pint One Gallon One Gallon
Pack Weight 27 lbs. 59 lbs with Two Rams 39 lbs.
Two Rams @ n/a 62 1/2 tons each 35 tons each
Hose Length n/a 10′ Standard

25′, 50′, & 100′ Optional

10′ Standard

25′, 50′, & 100′ Optional

All Silvey Tree Jacks come complete with Silvey Tree Saver Fluid.
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Felling trees that lean the wrong way — towards a river, road, power line or house — is a challenge. Silvey hydraulic tree jacks make it easy to change the direction the tree would have naturally fallen to the direction you want and/or need it to go. Our light weight aluminum rams are easy to use. And you may find one of our jacks will pay for itself in one day.

Silvey Tree Jacks can be easily carried from tree to tree, yet are powerful lifting machines. The self-contained Silvey Jacks are easy to pack and work wonders in second growth timber.

Tree Jack History

Tree Faller with Tree Saver Tree Jack

The first tree jacks were simple hydraulic “bottle” jacks. These jacks are still used today in truck shops and anywhere a high lifting force is required.

Early on, heavy steel hydraulic jacks were used to help direct where trees fell, but timber fallers didn’t like lugging around these heavy jacks. It was especially difficult on rough ground. Conventional bottle jacks presented other problems. For one, the surface area on the top of the ram was small, so lifting a tree usually required the used of jack plates. This caused the faller to carry even more heavy tools.

The people at Silvey (the people who invented the chisel chain grinder) had a great idea. They would build a lightweight tree jack out of aluminum. This jack needed the lifting capacity of an iron bottle jack, but would be a fraction of its weight. It would also have a small jack-plate attached to the top of the ram with springs — eliminating the need for separate plates in most cases. The Silvey Tree Jack was born.